Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Coronavirus opening update

Coronavirus opening update

Dear Parents/Carers,

Here we are at the end of this term and as we prepare for a well-deserved rest we also look ahead to the plans that the academy has in place for potential opening on Monday 1st June. I’m sure you will be only too aware of the controversy surrounding the government’s decision to plan for a re-opening and before you take a look at our plans for a phased re-opening, I ask you, as both a Mummy and as the very proud leader of Marksbury Road to make your decision based on your own circumstances. We all live our lives in different ways, we have different challenges and obstacles. Some will decide to send their children back  - in fact some parents may be waiting at the gates desperate for us to be opening again. Others may have a firm belief that they will not be sending their children back for the foreseeable future. Many of you I would imagine will be undecided and will be torn between wanting a return to normality while trying your best to protect your precious children. You must make your decision based on your own circumstances and we will fully support all of our families as this situation continues.

We have planned to re-open the academy on 1st June, but as you may well be aware, the cabinet will make their final decision on Thursday 28th May. Please bear in mind then that the accompanying information about how this will look is our provisional plan in preparation with going ahead with re-opening. This is subject to change and I can assure you that if I am in any doubt of my ability to open the academy safely, then it will remain closed. The accompanying guidance might sound blunt, but we are really keen to communicate clearly what the expectations and procedures will be. Everything that is being put into place is to keep everyone safe and well.

 I want to assure you of the measures that we have put in place to ensure the safe opening – we have spent long days and long nights in meticulous planning meetings to fully assess our practice, and operating procedures and have enjoyed two INSET days where staff have been fully briefed on the new way that we will be working, and have prepared the academy building with the changes that you will read about in the accompanying documents. You will spend much time reading the Q&A document attached to this I’m sure – and there will still be more questions you will have. But for now we have tried to provide as much detail as possible to help you make a decision which is right for your family.

I cannot guarantee that children returning are at no risk, and I cannot guarantee that our littlest Reception children will strictly observe 2m ruling at all times. Anyone who has come into contact with a 4 year old recently will understand this! What I can guarantee is that I have thought through the entire process incredibly carefully and I can also guarantee that every member of my wonderful team is fully committed to the safety and well-being of you and your children. We will, as always, do all that we can to keep your children as safe and as well as possible while they are in our care, and no matter which teacher stands in front of your child – they will deliver. They will in fact go beyond delivering – this team are amazing and your children will continue to flourish.

I cannot wait to re-open the academy when it is safe to do so. We have continued to support our families from a distance but getting everyone back together gradually will make my heart feel full again.

If your child is in one of the eligible groups to return, please take your time to make your decision by reading the Q&A section carefully – and have faith in your instincts. I generally find they serve me pretty well.

Wishing you all the most happy of half terms.

Continue to stay safe.

Much love,


Accompanying documents