Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Gruffalo Club

Breakfast and After School Provision at OAMR

Our Breakfast and After School provision at Oasis Marksbury Road is called 'The Gruffalo Club' and is run by the very lovely Sarah, Connie and Riley. 

Our aim is to provide children with a home from home atmosphere whilst we care for your child.

Why The Gruffalo Club? 

It’s our favourite book of course! We love all the different animal characters, especially the clever mouse and the grizzly Gruffalo.

What times does Gruffalo Club run?

Breakfast is served from 7.50am until 8.15am, and you can drop your child off until 8.30am. We serve a range of breakfast cereals, toast, bagels, with honey or jam, fruit juice and fruit is also on offer. Our after school provision runs from 3.30pm until 5.30pm. In our after school provision we do have a delicious tea-time snack. In Gruffalo Club we love sandwiches with lots of sticky jam or honey. We have fruit and raisins on offer too and sometimes yoghurts. A Gruffalo Club snack is intended to keep your child going until supper time but not fill them up, so they will need something more substantial when they get home.

What is the cost?

An AM session at the Gruffalo Club costs £3 per child. And an after school PM session at the Gruffalo Club costs £10.00.

Do I need to book?

Yes, the Gruffalo Club needs to booked in advanced and can only be booked via the MCAS App. You will also need to have credit on your MCAS account to be able to make a booking.

What activities do you offer in Gruffalo Club?

We have a weekly schedule of activities that the children can participate in and also at times have themed activities for the children to get stuck into. Things are always changing in Gruffalo Club to ensure it's always exciting for the children. Our special activities are organised and planned according to the changing seasons and school terms. We also provide a range of planned and free-play activities throughout the year. We try to be outside as much as possible, weather allowing.

In Autumn we:

·        Make crunchy colourful ‘stained glass’ leaves to decorate the room with

·        Have treasure hunts in the playground

·        Make spooky art and crafts

·        Play dress-up with our wonderful box of costumes   

·        Create dance routines to our favourite music

·        Make and eat yummy home-made toffee apples and 'Gruffalo Crumble' and custard... Yummy!

·        Have movie and popcorn afternoons

·        Turn fir cones into hanging art        Pin by Alison Jeffrey on The gruffalo | Gruffalo characters, The gruffalo,  Character printables

·        Keep fit with Cosmic Kids story time yoga

·        Pumpkin modelling and stamping

·        Firework art with lots and lots glitter

In Winter we:

·        Have indoor snowball fights

·        Have cheeky Elf challenges  The Gruffalo Self Adhesive Wall Art Sticker Decal Poster Mural Multi Sizes  New*

·        Make hanging snowflakes

·        Tell stories around our lovely Gruffalo Club ‘fireplace’

·        Make reindeer food in magical sachets

·        Play with our twinkly LED lights outside in the dark playground  

·        Make greetings cards and gifts

·        Decorate our Gruffalo winter tree

·        Imaginative winter drama games such as Pass the Puddings   The Gruffalo - Adjectives | Baamboozle

·        Sing seasonal songs and rhymes

·        Decorate winter cookies

In Spring we:

·        Plant seeds and watch them grow

·        Have visits from our Community Police Officer, PC Caroline

·        Make chocolate crispy nest cakes

·        Have Chocolate Egg hunts    Gruffalo - The Ginger Factory

·        Create flower art

In Summer we:

·        Make and eat ice lollies

·        Play in the paddling pool

·        Have planned water balloon battles

·        Make sandcastles

·        Have indoor and outdoor team challenges

·        Outdoor science experiments

·        Outdoor yoga and relaxation

·        Eat our snack outside for an alfresco picnic

Of course in addition to our seasonal activities we can also play with our day-to-day Gruffalo Club toys. We rotate our toy boxes and have different things out to play with each term, so we don’t get bored! We have several doll houses, big and small teddies and dolls, small world figurines, dinosaurs, animals, games and vehicles. We have dressing up and large tray activities with water and boats, kinetic sand, play-doh and other messy things. We can always do drawing and colouring, and if we want to relax and chill we can choose a lovely book to read from our extensive and very up to date Gruffalo Club library. We have soft chairs and beanbags to slouch on. At the end of the afternoon we all help to tidy up and get ready for pick up time. Some days we have a special cookie or small cake as a treat. Children who have helped tidy are allowed 10-15 minutes on their iPads while we make sure we say goodbye and everyone goes home with the correct adult!

The Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson shows her characters social distancing  - BBC News